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Outsourcing Compliance Services

You are looking for a service provider for compliance services? S+P Outsourcing Compliance Services offers you tailor-made services. For the establishment of a secure compliance system, we assume the following tasks as an outsourcing service provider:

  1. We monitor compliance with the relevant laws and guidelines with efficient controls.
  2. We implement and update compliance and risk management systems.
  3. We advise and inform the company management with regard to existing obligations and are responsible for communication with supervisory authorities.
  4. We check selected processes on a random sample basis, in a risk-oriented manner and at appropriate intervals to ensure that they comply with the law.
  5. We take on our tasks free from instructions and with the necessary expertise.


Please send us a mail to receive a free quote „Outsourcing Compliance Services“.

You wish a free quote for Outsourcing Services. We are happy to help. Send your request directly to the S+P Compliance Team, Email: a.schulz@sp-partners.de


Your added value with S+P Compliance Services

  1. We have been supporting finance companies and non-finance companies in Germany for 10 years. This includes the development of compliance systems up to the assumption of internal auditing activities.
  2. We are specialists in money laundering prevention systems for finance companies and non-finance companies.
  3. We work for internationally active companies and successfully support them in their activities in Germany.
  4. Professionally experienced compliance team: many years of experience with finance companies and non-finance companies.
  5. Short coordination channels in a centrally organized compliance team.
  6. Our experience enables us to quickly adapt to new regulatory requirements.
  7. Well prepared: Modern IT infrastructure (zoom, teams, GoToMeeting) for online-based compliance checks.
  8. Up-to-Date: Certified course provider with focus on compliance and money laundering prevention.
  9. Tried and tested cooperation with compliance officers in Germany: Successful project cooperation in the secure fulfilment of regulatory requirements.


Outsourcing Compliance Services


S+P Team Compliance Team – Outsourcing Compliance Services

The S+P Compliance Team offers a representation-safe outsourcing of Compliance functions.

Achim Schulz has been advising medium-sized companies and banks for 22 years. His areas of expertise include CRR institutes, acquirers, fintech, capital management companies, leasing and factoring companies and medium-sized companies.

He advises companies on the implementation of risk management and compliance systems.

Alexander Schneider has been working for banks, financial service providers, insurance companies and medium-sized companies for more than 20 years.

As a compliance and money laundering officer, Mr. Schneider advises companies on the implementation of money laundering compliance standards.

Lawyer Alexander Suck is an experienced expert with a focus on corporate and criminal law. Together with his legal team, he advises medium-sized companies on the implementation of legal obligations for money laundering prevention. He develops risk mitigation strategies for compliance and Money Laundering Reporting Officers.

Miriam Boglino is a legal advisor to fund companies in London. She advises medium-sized companies on the development of European compliance management systems.

Reiner Schon worked for 23 years in the Private and Corporate Customers segment at Dresdner Bank and Commerzbank. He knows all facets of the banking and transaction business. Since 2015, he has installed risk management and anti-fraud systems at banks and financial companies together with the S+P team.

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