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Outsourcing to Germany

Are you taking off in Germany? Outsource to Germany with S+P.
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Outsourcing to Germany

MLRO + Compliance Officer

German Anti Money Laundering Act
Outsourcing to Germany

WpHG Compliance Officer

Securities Trading Act and MFID II
Outsourcing to Germany

MaRisk Compliance Officer

Regulatory Monitoring in Germany

Internal Audit

Internal control system + 3rd line of defence
Outsourcing to Germany

Compliance Officer

Financial and Non-Financial Companies
Outsourcing to Germany

Data Protection Officer

Information security measures

S+P Outsourcing to Germany – Services

MLRO for
Investment Firms
MLRO for
Information Security

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Outsourcing to Germany

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Get ready for Germany

You want to prepare and educate yourself for your success in Germany? With the courses of S+P you get all the information and tools you need for the start of your business in Germany.

Learn how to lead a financial company in Germany

Day 1:

  • Rights and duties of the management board in financial companies

  • Audit-proofed organization of the management board

Day 2:

  • Balance sheet knowledge for managing directors in financial companies

  • Risk management in financial companies

Selected sectors – Clients

Crypto custody business

Multinational social trading, multi-asset brokerage and investment platform company focused on crypto

Investment Banking

Global independent investment banking advisory firm headquartered in New York

Payment service provider

Leading global provider of financial transfer services


Nationally and globally active banks with a focus on institutional investors, business and private customers

FinTech Banks

Europe’s leading FinTech bank with smartphone services

IT service provider

Germany’s leading IT service provider for financial companies

Discover what makes us special

S+P Compliance Services is a leading provider of compliance services. We offer our customers the opportunity to concentrate on their core business while we take care of all compliance-related tasks . 

In addition, we support our customers in designing and implementing compliance measures. With our experience and know-how, you are fully covered.

S+P Compliance Services enables companies to outsource their compliance officer and thus save costs. We take full responsibility for your compliance activities and ensure that you remain in line with all legal requirements.

S+P Outsourcing to Germany

Outsourcing to Germany: Our steps to secure your success

S+P Outsourcing to Germany: Compliance Services offers you tailor-made services. For the establishment of a secure compliance system, we assume the following tasks as an outsourcing service provider:

Outsourcing to Germany

Outsource to Germany with One stop shopping

Outsourcing the compliance function often involves a lot of effort. We will show you how to minimize the effort and still meet all requirements! With one stop shopping you can get everything from one source! We explain what it is and what advantages it has.

S+P Compliance Services is a one stop shop for outsourced compliance services. We offer a cost-effective, effective and tailor-made solution for your needs.

We specialize in providing financial and non-financial corporate services. With S+P Compliance Services you get access to the best compliance experts in the industry. We offer you the compliance functions required by law.

Auditing compliance with laws and regulations

We regularly review your business operations to ensure you comply with all legal requirements. If we find a problem, we’ll let you know immediately and help you fix the problem.

Advice on compliance issues

We advise you on all aspects of your compliance strategy. We help you to develop a compliance policy that is specially tailored to your company. We also support you in the implementation and monitoring of these guidelines.

Training and education of employees

A key aspect of our services is the training and education of your employees. We ensure that all employees are informed about the applicable laws and regulations and how to implement them in their daily work. We also offer regular training so that your employees are always up to date with the latest developments.